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Inman Community Fire Department Stations

Since Inman Community Fire Department covers 27.6 square miles for first response, two fire stations are spaced across the district order to promote shortened response times.

Inman Community Fire Department Station 1- Headquarters Station

Address: 150 Windmill Hill Rd.

Phone: 864-472-3944

Inman Community Headquarters was built in 1980 and holds 4 fire department apparatus. The station houses 2-4 firefighters for 24 hours per day. (Click here to see HQ apparatus)

HH + Sign.jpg
HH + Sign.jpg

Inman Community Fire Department Station 2- Hickory Hollow

Address: 1081 Lyman Rd.

Inman Community Station 2-Hickory Hollow was built and staffed in 2017. Hickory Hollow houses 3 fire apparatus and staffs 2 firefighters when staffing allows for it. (Click here to see HH apparatus)

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