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Inman Community Fire Department employs 28 employees. 4 of these employees are full time firefighting personnel at ICFD. The remaining 21 paid personnel are part time firefighters, EMTs, or Firefighter/EMTs.  Fire Commissioners and Office Manager positions are not included in the referenced numbers. There is also currently 1 Volunteer firefighter enrolled at the department. There are 3-4 members on duty at all times.

Personnel By Position


Christian Adams

Paul Hines

Gary Martinez

Kyle McDaniel

Lucas Petty

Damon Riley

Michael Shedd

Matt Smart

Terry Stewart

Engineer Eric Owens

Alicia Jimenez 

Volunteer Qualin Nesbitt

EMT Responders

Kaytlin Galloway

Hayley Petty

Wendy Kincaid

Marcus Armstrong



Captain Kenny Robinson

Captain Matthew Garrett

Captain Justin Howard

Captain Chase Seymour


Steve Ford

Charles Adams

Elton Chapman

James Riley

Patti Babb

Chief Officers

Assistant Chief Mark McCraw

Chief Brandon Kincaid


Jordan Bailey

Kaleb Chapman

Caleb Cooke

Bruce Fowler

Jonathon Gilbert

Engineer Trevor Owens

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